Our body has an organ known as “Pancreas” having “Beta” cells  which secretes “ Insulin”. The function of Insulin is to covert the glucose/sugar available in blood in the form of energy by metabolism activities with glycosides.


However with sedentary life style/ genetic/ food habits/ pollution/Excess use of chemical fertilizers in growing crops etc, the secretion of Insulin slow down or become insensitive, as beta cells become inactive/decay and effect is increase of blood sugar known as diabetes, since there is no metabolism of sugar/glycosides. All the Pharma industry and doctors are working on effect and therefore no diabetes is cured so far. One remains diabetic till death. All the pathies are trying to control the sugar by working on effect and not on cause. If diabetes is to be cured, cause should be eliminated. Then one will be cured of diabetes and enjoy the bliss of healthy life.


The “SteviaTreat” an elixir to Diabetics works on cause, by rejuvenating and reactivating “beta cells” of pancreas to secrete insulin and once it started naturally to secrete insulin, the cause is removed and one will enjoy normal and bliss of healthy life .  This symptom is known as “Insulinogenic”. Besides it also work equally effectively for “Insulinotropic”, we refer the term when the available insulin in the body becomes insensitive. Thus our product enable the insulin to become sensitive to have proper metabolism with glycosides. Thus we may observe that Diabetes type- II is well served by our product.